La Duodecima!


What a time to be alive as a Real Madrid fans. We just won a double of La Liga and our third UCL in the last 4 years. So what is the secret recipe? is it luck or maybe our full of talent squad? Maybe those things play their own part in this successful campaign. However, in my opinion there is 3 important keys of the recent Real Madrid domination.

First of all, the “Man-management over tactics” approach of Zidane. Don’t get me wrong, he is a brilliant tactician. So does Mourinho and Don Carlo, if not even better. But the real reason Zidane is better than those two on driving this club into success and handling the infamous Real Madrid full-of-ego dressing room, is how he manage to provide something for (almost) everyone. Everybody play their part. nobody is not important in this campaign as Zidane give his trust to each member of the squad to perform in the highest level. He even go the extra miles by persuading our key players to be rotated. as a result? we manage to have two different teams (A & B, even not entirely true) that almost as good as each other. If I told you at the beginning of the season that players like Asensio, Isco and Nacho will be the backbone of our team on some part of the season, you would not believe it aren’t you? But that is exactly what happening especially in those time when Sanitas screwed up our starting XI. Almost everybody happy as they feel that the Team needs him.

Secondly, probably this is our most stable squad in the 21st century. Remember those time when we have R9, Zidane, Figo, Beckham, and Raul upfront but the likes of declining Hierro, Helguera, Pavon (Seriously..) and Bravo while we sold Makelele who is our only world class defending minded player? Or those time when we bought a freaking Julien Faubert? Even worse, the recent one back in 2015 when our starting XI is godly but we are only 1 player injured away from disaster. Thankfully, we are learning from those mistakes and we build the probably all time greatest Real Madrid squad. Injured backline? no problem, Danilo and Nacho is ready. Modric or Kroos is missing? We still have Isco, Kovacic and James. Problem with the strikers? Morata and Vasquez come to the rescue. This team is so balanced that we don’t even bothered Gareth Bale is sidelined for half of the season.

Last but not least, the heroes. every team need a hero and luckily we have plenty. Sergio Ramos last minute goal still haunting their enemy until now. Ask Atletico and Barcelona fans how they feel when his header struck their heart. Marcelo dancing on the left side of the field is a must watch. Watch his assist against Bayern and his goal against Valencia and you will know what I’m talking about. His passion for the team maybe only matched by Ramos. Modric put every midfielder in europe five leagues looks like amateur. The UCL final is his latest masterpiece, especially the assist to the guy that need new paragraph to write about because it is not wise to put him in the same paragraph as mortals.

Critics said he is done, age has caught up with his feet, lost his dribbling skill. One thing that they forgot is that this is not a normal human that they are talking about. This is a man that just scored 5 goals past Bayern, 6 goals against Atletico and 2 goals in the Final against Juventus this season alone. First player to reach 100 UCL goal and first player to score in 3 different UCL Final. 16 goals in the last 2 months to secure the double. This is a man who delivered when needed most. Cristiano Ronaldo. This year we see a transformation of a winger into complete striker, a superstar into a legend, a struggle into a moment of his life. 42 goals this season although low compared to his standard, mainly caused by the rotation policy. However this give him a better condition in the last 2 months when he went rampage. he scored 10 goals in his last 5 UCL match. Those are not group stage, those are final stages. A superb season yet again from the superhuman. Simply the Greatest of All Time.

Lets hope that next season will be as fantastic as this one. Until then, Hala Madrid!


2016 Review

Off the Bucket list:

  • Visit Madrid
  • Watch Real Madrid live at Santiago Bernabeu
  • Start a website and blog

Memorable Moment:

  • Family trip to Hong Kong
  • Teammates website goes live for the first time
  • Chanting “Cristiano” after he scores a goal

I hope that some amazing things will take place this year, more items off the bucket list and memorable moments find their way to me.


There are certain things in this world that filled your childhood. It my sounds funny but usually those things have a huge impact on your life and might “help” you become the way you are now. I present to you some of the things that filled my childhood. Please don’t laugh 😀

1. Final Fantasy


This video game series is masterpiece. I prefer the “old” Final Fantasy games rather than the new one because in my opinion, it has a deeper story and character and a classic gameplay which I prefer. Final Fantasy Tactics is my favourite with IX and the original come close.

2. Real Madrid


The best team on the planet. Again the best team on the planet. They are not just playing football, they reinvented it with their own philosophy.  My favourite player is Raul Gonzalez Blanco which I think is the soul of modern Real Madrid. “La Undecima” is our latest opus. There is a saying that if you never play on Real Madrid, then you are not a world class player yet.

I watch them live at Santiago Bernabeu last March and it is really amazing atmosphere for me. I was so excited that I arrive 3 hours before the match lol. I will post the full report next time.

3. Billy Talent


I bet most of you don’t know them. They are a rock band from Canada and if you never listen to their song, I suggest you go for it. Every Billy Talent song has a deep meaning and catchy tunes. Ben’s voice is amazing, but i think Ian’s unique guitar play is the soul of this band. John and Aaron are awesome too. My top 5 Billy Talent song will be Red Flag, Diamond on a landmine, Fallen Leaves, Viking Death March and Running Across the Tracks. Anyway get well soon Aaron, I hope that you will have a speedy recovery and be able to get back to the stage as soon as possible, we miss you!

I think those are the things that have a huge impact on me, so what’s yours?

LeetCode # 2 -Add Two Numbers

My submission for LeetCode Add Two Numbers problem:

public class Solution {
   public ListNode addTwoNumbers(ListNode l1, ListNode l2) {
      ListNode retVal = new ListNode(0);
      ListNode head = retVal;
      int carry = 0;
      while(l1 != null || l2 != null){
         int temp = carry;
         if(l1 == null){
            temp += l2.val;
            l2 =;
         } else if (l2 == null){
            temp += l1.val;
            l1 =;
         } else {
            temp += l1.val + l2.val;
            l1 =;
            l2 =;

         if(temp >= 9){
            carry = 1;
            temp = temp - 10;
         } else {
            carry = 0;

         retVal.val = temp;
         if(l1 != null || l2 != null){
   = new ListNode(0);
            retVal =;
         } else if(carry == 1){
   = new ListNode(1);
            retVal =;
   return head;