Tell random people you will become a President or CEO and they will laugh at you. Talk about it with a President or CEO and they will answer “here is how you are going to achieved it”. Big person does not laugh at big idea, they inspire.



Action cures fear. Indecision, postponement, on the other hand, fertilize fear.

2016 Review

Off the Bucket list:

  • Visit Madrid
  • Watch Real Madrid live at Santiago Bernabeu
  • Start a website and blog

Memorable Moment:

  • Family trip to Hong Kong
  • Teammates website goes live for the first time
  • Chanting “Cristiano” after he scores a goal

I hope that some amazing things will take place this year, more items off the bucket list and memorable moments find their way to me.


There are certain things in this world that filled your childhood. It my sounds funny but usually those things have a huge impact on your life and¬†might “help” you become the way you are now. I present to you some of the things that filled my childhood. Please don’t laugh ūüėÄ

1. Final Fantasy


This video game series is masterpiece. I prefer the “old” Final Fantasy games rather than the new one because in my opinion, it has a deeper story and character and a classic gameplay which I prefer. Final Fantasy Tactics is my favourite with IX and the original¬†come close.

2. Real Madrid


The best team on the planet. Again the best team on the planet. They are not just playing football, they reinvented it with their own philosophy. ¬†My favourite player is Raul Gonzalez Blanco which I think is the soul of modern Real Madrid. “La Undecima” is our latest opus. There is a saying that if you never play on Real Madrid, then you are not a world class player yet.

I watch them live at Santiago Bernabeu last March and it is really amazing atmosphere for me. I was so excited that I arrive 3 hours before the match lol. I will post the full report next time.

3. Billy Talent


I bet most of you don’t know them. They are a rock band from Canada and if you never listen to their song, I suggest you go for it. Every Billy Talent song has a deep meaning and catchy tunes. Ben’s voice is amazing, but i think Ian’s unique guitar play is the soul of this band. John and Aaron are awesome too. My top 5 Billy Talent song will be¬†Red Flag, Diamond on a landmine, Fallen Leaves, Viking Death March and¬†Running Across the Tracks.¬†Anyway get well soon Aaron, I hope that you will have a speedy recovery and be able to get back to the stage as soon as possible, we miss you!

I think those are the things that have a huge impact on me, so what’s yours?

4 AM Quest

Yesterday, I arrived at the office at 4AM. Four freaking AM. Why? because¬†I leave¬†the house at 3.30. Why? because I didn’t want to fell a sleep. Why? because I didn’t go to bed yet since the night before.¬†Why? because I just had 10¬†days off and¬†my sleeping schedule was sucks on those days. I stay all night to do very important stuff (Gaming, watching Euro, starting my blog…?) and go to sleep at the morning. I’m a Muslim and now we are on a fasting months, so basically I cheat the system by sleeping at the morning and wake up at noon to shorter my fasting time lol. Anyway I did not intended to do that but that happens so yeah.

So back to the story, clearly the sky¬†is still dark when I arrived. Usually, it took me 1 and a half hour to get to the office, but yesterday it only took me 30 minutes. I go to my office on the 45th floor, and as I expected, I was first (duh, who the fish go to work at 4 anyway). So I still got some time, and to pay my sins of cheating the fasting time so that the God doesn’t hates me, I went to the mosque to do my morning prayer.

I think that’s one of the best prayer I ever did in my life. It just feel perfect. The morning weather on that day¬†was nice, the Imam (the leader of the prayer) has a good and calming voice, and the prayer after that is touching. After that, he approach me and ask my name because they rarely got a new face on morning prayer, because people are lazy to go to the mosque on the morning. We talk a little bit and he excuses himself afterwards.

After that, I go back to the office, start my day, and I feel more energy on the tank than I usually have. Maybe this is the miracle of the morning time. Next week I’m gonna try it again when my sleeping schedule is back to normal. I will post the update later on. You guys please go on and try it, I start to believe that the morning miracle is real.


DN 2016-06-29 22-47-25 Wed

It’s been 4 years since the first day that I play this character on Dragon Nest game. For you who don’t know, Dragon Nest is fast paced action MMORPG that developed by Eyedentity. After trying countless titles of MMORPG, in my opinion, nothing beats the epic and fluid battle system that this game have.

This character is an Inquisitor, which is according to the idea of this job class, is a priest who abandon it’s supporting capability in terms of gaining an offensive prowess. In real life, imagine if the pope (or Imam, or any others, I never meant to be a racist) is had enough an said “screw it!”, and start firing¬†the hell of the bad guys with flamethrower because he tired of giving them a preach that always ignored. That’s how badass an Inquisitor is!

Anyway, I named my character “Decurion”, which is a military terms of ancient Rome empire. I used to play it 3+ hours per day back then, but¬†now I’m lucky if I got that number per week. I still love the game and my character, maybe because all the good and fun memory that I have along with other friends while I play or also basically the game itself is amazing. If you playing on Indonesia Server, send me a message, maybe we can play together sometime ūüôā

So thank you for the amazing moment and epic battle!