Journey 2#: Read

Last two days are not bad but far from optimal. These are things that still need to be improved:

  • Sleep schedule
  • Continue Machine Learning course
  • Learn bloody javascript (hate it but no choice anyway)
  • Healthy lifestyle

I start to read a book, probably going to write some review when I finished it. I also (re)learn these algorithm:

  • Longest common substring
  • Binary search (yes I forget about it)
  • Linear regression

On a random observation, it seems that rivalry and winning are two things that drive me going forward. So my next goal should be competing with something/someone in order to boost my productivity. Luckily it is not hard to make a new “enemy”.


Journey 1#: Twilight

Next month, me and my team will try to close a deal with investor to fund our side project. If the deal goes smoothly, we agree to develop our product using Javascript stack. Therefore in the next 2 months, I will learn these topics:

  • MEAN Stack (First focus will be learning Node.js technology)
  • React Native
  • Google Cloud Platform

Yesterday, these is what I have achieved:

  • Wake up earlier
  • Start a work out habit

Yesterday, these is what I have not yet achieved:

  • Eat healthy
  • Sleep early



First entry to my “Journey” series. I am 26 years old now so I only have about 3 more years to be successful before the window is closed for good. I will write my mental model every day to condition my mind in order to achieve my goals. In this first entry I will try to list my ideal role model with their traits.

  • Success model 1#: Cristiano Ronaldo
    • Obsession
    • Hard work
    • Persistence
    • Determination
    • Confidence
  • Success model 2#: Bill Gates
    • Result oriented
    • Competitive
    • Philanthropist
    • Prioritise goals
    • Believe in own idea
  • Success model 3#: Alan Turing
    • Invention
    • Imagination
    • Curiosity
    • Divide and conquer
    • People oriented