There are certain things in this world that filled your childhood. It my sounds funny but usually those things have a huge impact on your life and might “help” you become the way you are now. I present to you some of the things that filled my childhood. Please don’t laugh 😀

1. Final Fantasy


This video game series is masterpiece. I prefer the “old” Final Fantasy games rather than the new one because in my opinion, it has a deeper story and character and a classic gameplay which I prefer. Final Fantasy Tactics is my favourite with IX and the original come close.

2. Real Madrid


The best team on the planet. Again the best team on the planet. They are not just playing football, they reinvented it with their own philosophy.  My favourite player is Raul Gonzalez Blanco which I think is the soul of modern Real Madrid. “La Undecima” is our latest opus. There is a saying that if you never play on Real Madrid, then you are not a world class player yet.

I watch them live at Santiago Bernabeu last March and it is really amazing atmosphere for me. I was so excited that I arrive 3 hours before the match lol. I will post the full report next time.

3. Billy Talent


I bet most of you don’t know them. They are a rock band from Canada and if you never listen to their song, I suggest you go for it. Every Billy Talent song has a deep meaning and catchy tunes. Ben’s voice is amazing, but i think Ian’s unique guitar play is the soul of this band. John and Aaron are awesome too. My top 5 Billy Talent song will be Red Flag, Diamond on a landmine, Fallen Leaves, Viking Death March and Running Across the Tracks. Anyway get well soon Aaron, I hope that you will have a speedy recovery and be able to get back to the stage as soon as possible, we miss you!

I think those are the things that have a huge impact on me, so what’s yours?


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