DN 2016-06-29 22-47-25 Wed

It’s been 4 years since the first day that I play this character on Dragon Nest game. For you who don’t know, Dragon Nest is fast paced action MMORPG that developed by Eyedentity. After trying countless titles of MMORPG, in my opinion, nothing beats the epic and fluid battle system that this game have.

This character is an Inquisitor, which is according to the idea of this job class, is a priest who abandon it’s supporting capability in terms of gaining an offensive prowess. In real life, imagine if the pope (or Imam, or any others, I never meant to be a racist) is had enough an said “screw it!”, and start firing the hell of the bad guys with flamethrower because he tired of giving them a preach that always ignored. That’s how badass an Inquisitor is!

Anyway, I named my character “Decurion”, which is a military terms of ancient Rome empire. I used to play it 3+ hours per day back then, but now I’m lucky if I got that number per week. I still love the game and my character, maybe because all the good and fun memory that I have along with other friends while I play or also basically the game itself is amazing. If you playing on Indonesia Server, send me a message, maybe we can play together sometime 🙂

So thank you for the amazing moment and epic battle!



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