4 AM Quest

Yesterday, I arrived at the office at 4AM. Four freaking AM. Why? because I leave the house at 3.30. Why? because I didn’t want to fell a sleep. Why? because I didn’t go to bed yet since the night before. Why? because I just had 10 days off and my sleeping schedule was sucks on those days. I stay all night to do very important stuff (Gaming, watching Euro, starting my blog…?) and go to sleep at the morning. I’m a Muslim and now we are on a fasting months, so basically I cheat the system by sleeping at the morning and wake up at noon to shorter my fasting time lol. Anyway I did not intended to do that but that happens so yeah.

So back to the story, clearly the sky is still dark when I arrived. Usually, it took me 1 and a half hour to get to the office, but yesterday it only took me 30 minutes. I go to my office on the 45th floor, and as I expected, I was first (duh, who the fish go to work at 4 anyway). So I still got some time, and to pay my sins of cheating the fasting time so that the God doesn’t hates me, I went to the mosque to do my morning prayer.

I think that’s one of the best prayer I ever did in my life. It just feel perfect. The morning weather on that day was nice, the Imam (the leader of the prayer) has a good and calming voice, and the prayer after that is touching. After that, he approach me and ask my name because they rarely got a new face on morning prayer, because people are lazy to go to the mosque on the morning. We talk a little bit and he excuses himself afterwards.

After that, I go back to the office, start my day, and I feel more energy on the tank than I usually have. Maybe this is the miracle of the morning time. Next week I’m gonna try it again when my sleeping schedule is back to normal. I will post the update later on. You guys please go on and try it, I start to believe that the morning miracle is real.


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