Tell random people you will become a President or CEO and they will laugh at you. Talk about it with a President or CEO and they will answer “here is how you are going to achieved it”. Big person does not laugh at big idea, they inspire.



Action cures fear. Indecision, postponement, on the other hand, fertilize fear.

Journey 2#: Read

Last two days are not bad but far from optimal. These are things that still need to be improved:

  • Sleep schedule
  • Continue Machine Learning course
  • Learn bloody javascript (hate it but no choice anyway)
  • Healthy lifestyle

I start to read a book, probably going to write some review when I finished it. I also (re)learn these algorithm:

  • Longest common substring
  • Binary search (yes I forget about it)
  • Linear regression

On a random observation, it seems that rivalry and winning are two things that drive me going forward. So my next goal should be competing with something/someone in order to boost my productivity. Luckily it is not hard to make a new “enemy”.

Journey 1#: Twilight

Next month, me and my team will try to close a deal with investor to fund our side project. If the deal goes smoothly, we agree to develop our product using Javascript stack. Therefore in the next 2 months, I will learn these topics:

  • MEAN Stack (First focus will be learning Node.js technology)
  • React Native
  • Google Cloud Platform

Yesterday, these is what I have achieved:

  • Wake up earlier
  • Start a work out habit

Yesterday, these is what I have not yet achieved:

  • Eat healthy
  • Sleep early



First entry to my “Journey” series. I am 26 years old now so I only have about 3 more years to be successful before the window is closed for good. I will write my mental model every day to condition my mind in order to achieve my goals. In this first entry I will try to list my ideal role model with their traits.

  • Success model 1#: Cristiano Ronaldo
    • Obsession
    • Hard work
    • Persistence
    • Determination
    • Confidence
  • Success model 2#: Bill Gates
    • Result oriented
    • Competitive
    • Philanthropist
    • Prioritise goals
    • Believe in own idea
  • Success model 3#: Alan Turing
    • Invention
    • Imagination
    • Curiosity
    • Divide and conquer
    • People oriented